November 22, 2022

We purchased a home that has a hard wired security system but we did not get the necessary codes to operate the system from the previous owners, so basically, we had a system that we could not utilize.  I called KSHO Alarm Service and spoke to Ken Shorter.  After I explained our security system and asked if he could unlock my system so that we could use it,  he explained that he was already in our area and could come to our home within 15-20 minutes.  Upon arrival, he and his fellow technician, Carl, explained that they could indeed have the system unlocked and operational.  They proceeded to do exactly what I needed to get the system working.  Then Ken, very patiently, explained how to operate my system and all of this service took less than an hour.  We were very impressed with the service we received as well as their technical expertise and would not hesitate to recommend them highly to anyone.