Property Manager Reporting Services

When You Need Property Reports Call the PROS

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The Benefits of using OnSight Inspections

  • Simple to Use
  • Time and Date Stamped Photos
  • Comments Box for Further Explanation of Photos
  • Fully Documented Report Provided in PDF Format
  • Works with Android or Mac Products
  • Tenant Signature Required
  • Reduce Security Deposit Disputes
  • Property Reports for Normal Maintenance

    • Yard Maintenances
    • A/C Filter
    • Potential Hazards
    • Water Infiltration
  • Property Reports for Property Code

    • Smoke alarm placement
    • Door Locks
    • Door Viewers
  • Types of Property Reports

    • Move In Reports
    • Periodic Reports
    • Move Out Reports
    • Drive By Reports

Property Reports Based on Your Needs

You will get photos of any exterior damage that needs to be addressed, under kitchen and bathroom sinks, where water damage can appear, the air conditioner filter and much more. This will not only help you with the documentation you may need in the event of security deposit disputes, but will enable the property manager to assess the damage before the end of the lease. The tenant can then be held responsible for damages over and above normal wear and tear.

Third Party Reports

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