TREC Enforcement Actions Taken….TREC Advisor

Not knowing the condition of your properties is a huge liability. You may be in violation of city code and not even know. Our on-site reports show you the condition of investment properties so you can take preventive action. The excerpt below was taken from the October TREC Advisor Newsletter. This violation could have been avoided with the use of PROS services.

Highlight Section Reads – “he failed to inspect the property, which allowed the tenant to operate an unauthorized group home and alter the residential property on the premise in violation of city code”

Be PROACTIVE in Property Management

Are you a type “A” personality. Most Property Managers I know are type “A” personalities. Type “A” personalities typically are PROACTIVE in their businesses. Let’s face it, Property Management is NOT a proactive business. On the contrary it is very REACTIVE. AND most of the reactions are not very pleasant.

  • The owner calls with a complaint, we react.
  • The tenant doesn’t pay the rent, we react.
  • The HOA calls in a violation, we react.
  • A plumbing leak, an A/C is on the blink, a toilet won’t flush; when reported, we react.
  • Almost everything in the business of Property Management is a reaction to some issue.

The one that puts property managers, brokers, and owners at risk and makes us most vulnerable is the Security Deposit. The one item that lays us “out there” is the Security Deposit.

Be proactive when it comes to potential Real Estate Commission complaints, threats of attorneys, court, or lawsuits. Good Documentation at the Move-In and the Move-Out takes the risk off your shoulders and puts it back on the tenant.

Having a THIRD PARTY, non-biased report at move-in and move-out reduces that risk even more.

OnSight PROS gives property managers the tools to be PROACTIVE where you are most vulnerable and at risk.

Winterize? What’s That? – January 2013 Issue

There are some things that you as a tenant can do to help prevent having to make an urgent maintenance request to Property Management.

A/C Filters

Make sure A/C filters are changed on a regular basis, but especially during the winter months. Fine lint is highly combustible and can cause extensive damage if it is left in place and gets ignited.

Gas Stoves or Heaters

Gas operated appliances need to be checked annually for proper functionality and Carbon Monoxide Detection. If you have Gas Appliances, make sure Carbon Monoxide Detectors are in place and new batteries are in place.

Water Hoses

Make sure water hoses are completely drained and stored away.

Water Pipes

During extreme cold weather conditions, keep a few faucets at a heavy drip. The running water will prevent pipes from freezing up and busting at the most inopportune time. If you have exposed pipes, a quick trip to the hardware store to get a cheap faucet cover can help to keep your pipes from freezing and could prevent you from being out of water for an extended period of time.

Window and Door Insulation

If a breeze is felt around doors or windows, a little bit of insulation from the hardware store goes a long way. If you are unsure of how to apply it, ask one of the professional at the store. They are always helpful. As Grandpa always said, “an Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

ALL THESE TIPS ARE PROVIDED FOR YOU FREE AND MAY COST YOU ALL OF ABOUT $10. In the long haul they will save you hundreds of dollars of your hard earned money and make your home a much nicer place to enjoy.