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Created by Property Managers for Other Property Managers and Property Owners Who Manage Their Own Properties

Just because you run a great property management company does not mean you are great at property inspections. A poorly done inspection by a busy Property Manager may create a big problem when the tenant vacates and expect to receive their entire security deposit back. Just because a tenant pays their rent on time does not mean they are taking care of the property.

I started my property management business in 2012, and we target the 70% of properties managed by owner. Here is what we found: many owners, particularly out-of-state and out-of-county owners, were neglecting to do annual or move-out inspections. They had no idea if tenants were abiding by the term of the lease, had unauthorized pets or people in the property or if their rental properties were up to code. I knew property management companies and investment property owners needed help and there was not a resource for them.

Onsight Inspections is a third-party solution for inspecting rental properties. We train our inspectors to provide the best possible inspection report using state-of-the-art inspection software and 360 view cameras. By having a trained third party conduct the inspection both management companies and owners can negotiate with their tenants in good faith about the condition of their property. Property management companies can have their Property Managers focus on the more critical parts of their business: providing excellent customer service to owners and tenants. Investment property owners can have the peace of mind that someone is looking after their valuable real estate asset.

We look forward to providing this service to you. If you are not satisfied with your report for any reason, we will provide the next one for free. That is our guarantee to you. We know you will consider us part of your team in protecting your property. We look forward to serving you.

– Scott P. Brady, President

Covering the Cost of OnSight Inspections Reports

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